Caffi Criw Cymraeg

Please could children from Mrs Katie Jones’ year 2 class help us with cakes for our next Caffi. Remember the caffi is on Wed next week, (June 5th) not Thursday. Diolch! KJ-Caffi-Criw-Cymraeg-cake-donations.pdf

Caffi Criw Cymraeg

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your children for all the support the ‘Caffi Criw Cymraeg’ has received so far.  It has been a wonderful experience for both us as a school and the children involved.  Please be aware that for the first week back after half term only the … Read more…

School Email System

We are having some work done to upgrade the school email system today. We will be unable to access our messages, possibly for several hours. If you need to contact school with information about your child, eg relating to home time, please telephone to ensure we get the message. Thanks.

Horticultural Society June Show

The Burton and Rossett Horticultural Society are holding their June Show here at St Peter’s on Saturday June 8th. Please see the attachment for details of competitions you may like to enter. June-Show-Schedule-2019-single-page.pdf

Caffi Criw Cymraeg

Please come along to this week’s Caffi  after school on Thursday . Please could the children in year 3 help us with cakes this time. See the attachment for details. Diolch. MJ-Caffi-Criw-Cymraeg-cake-donations.pdf