School Meals Debt

Many children are bringing home a letter from school meals service today requesting immediate payment where a pupil account is showing a defecit. Please could you arrange payment immediately if this concerns you. Thanks.

PTA Summer Fair

The PTA are pleased to announce that this year’s Summer Fair made in excess of £2,600.  Special thanks goes to those parents who offered financial ‘sponsorship’ of the BBQ and the others that volunteered their time to hep assist with the running of the Fair.  We would also like to thank the teachers/school staff for … Read more…

Section 50 Inspection Report

Please find attached a copy of our Section 50 ‘Church School’ Inspection Report which has been released today. We are very pleased to receive such a positive and encouraging report. The school’s Estyn Inspection Report will be published on Monday August 5th on their website. St-Peters-Section-50-Inspection-Report-June-2019..pdf

Reception – Carrier bags

If your child in reception class has not yet brought a carrier bag in to help bring all their belongings home (books, display work, pictures etc), please can you provide them with a plastic carrier bag which has been clearly labelled with their name by tomorrow (Wednesday). Diolch, Miss Jones