Face Masks

PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR FACE MASKS. If you are coming onto school grounds latest Welsh Government guidance says you should be wearing a face mask. Primary school age children are excluded from this. THANK YOU to all those parents who have followed this ruling today. See yesterday’s message for more details.

Changes to Welsh Government Guidance on Face Masks.

We have received information from the Welsh Government stating that face masks must be worn by adults (and secondary age pupils) when on school grounds. Please see the letter for details. For further information:  · Social media assets are also available for you share which explain social distancing and how to wear face coverings  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTZvaU9CIF5u27UHyACS6AqdRTPlsJ7XO   … Read more…

Gold Star Awards

Well done to this week’s winners from years 3 and 4.