Big Book Boost

If any parents ever come across ‘The Book People’ products or catalogues in their place of work, please note that using the ‘Big Book Boost’ would enable you to support St Peter’s School, with commission on your purchases. Customers who place orders over £10.00 can nominate a school to receive commission, with £1.00 commission for … Read more…

Exciting day!

We’ve been up Conwy mountain today, stopping in the middle of our hike to do some climbing on a rock face. We all did well with our climbing and rope work but have recognised it’s much harder to climb on the rock face than on an indoor climbing wall. Time to get clean and dry … Read more…

Hello from Nant

Mrs Pritchard has telephoned this morning to say that the children are all ready and excited for a day of activities. Please note the signal to send information is sometimes unavailable at Nant. Mrs Pritchard will try and post more messages again later. 

Good night from Nant

We’ve all enjoyed burger and chips for tea, followed by tasty chocolate cake and chocolate sauce! This evening we’ve been out for a walk and looked at the moon and stars. We’re having biscuits and hot chocolate for supper and are going to watch a bit of the film Sherlock Gnomes before heading to bed.