Critical Worker Childcare week beginning January 25th

Thank you to those families who have returned their critical worker childcare online ‘Forms’.

Whilst we are able to accommodate all the requests received, we have some concerns.

  • Some parents who have used the childcare service over the last 3 weeks have not replied. Please ensure you complete the Form each week because we need to have up to date numbers. We know many parents have changing work shift patterns so we need to collect this information on a weekly basis.
  • Numbers are increasing quite significantly. If the numbers of children accessing critical worker childcare become too great, public health leaders fear the impact of the lockdown will be far less effective. Critical worker parents are asked to send children to school only on days when they have no other option.  School based childcare should only be used as last resort.

We recognise that many parents, indeed the majority of parents, in our school could come under a critical worker category and we really appreciate that so many of you have made alternative arrangements. Please be assured that the work the children in school are doing is the same as the work we are sending home. The methods of delivering the teaching in school, ie the video films teachers are preparing are also used with the children in school. The children in school are not getting an educational advantage over the children completing their schoolwork at home.

We hope that we receive positive news soon about schools re-opening fully.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Pritchard.