Foundation Phase Return to School

Dear Parents,

We were delighted to hear last night that we will be able to welcome our Foundation Phase pupils back to school from Friday Feb 26th.

Considering the geography of our school building, with each class/bubble having its own entrance way, we feel confident that we can bring all Foundation Phase year groups back safely on Friday, rather than staggering the return over several days.

We continue to need parental support when dropping off and collecting children from school-

  • Please wear masks (adults or secondary school age children) when on school grounds, unless medically exempt.
  • Please observe social distancing regulations.
  • Please only have one adult dropping off or collecting and if possible do not bring siblings.
  • Please leave the playground area promptly. We must avoid the temptation to stop and have a chat!
  • Please remember the success of the return to school plan and the drive to bring KS2 children back to school as well, does depend on us all following the wider rules with regard to social gatherings and mixing. 
  • Please do not let your child use any of the play equipment on the yard.
  • Please phone school if you need to speak to one of us, rather than trying to ‘catch’ someone at the door.
  • Please do not send your child or enter school grounds if you or anyone in the family are displaying any signs of C19. Follow the rules regarding self-isolation and testing.

Foundation Phase Children will need to wear school uniform from Friday. As a consequence of this, we feel it is only fair to ask KS2 critical worker children to also wear uniform on the days they are in school, but we do not expect to start this until Mon March 1st.  

School dinners are available as usual.

Wraparound care is available with the same routine as before Christmas. This includes ABC sessions for nursery pupils. We will assume that people need the same bookings as before Christmas, although we understand some parents with KS2 children as well as Foundation Phase returnees may not need wraparound care just yet. Please let Mrs Davies know if your needs have changed.

Foundation Phase staff will resume their shared snack from Mon March 1st so children will need to bring their own healthy snack on Friday.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Mrs Pritchard.

Mrs Helen R Pritchard, Headteacher,
St Peter’s Church in Wales Primary School,
Chapel Lane,
01244 570594.