Key Worker Information

Please note that government policy has changed over the weekend.
Whilst last week, we were told only one parent needs to be a key worker to access care, this has changed. Please see the attachment –if one parent is a critical worker but the other parent is not the other parent should provide safe alternative arrangements at home when possible.
We will see some children tomorrow and will be continuing to prepare information and activities which will be published around lunchtime tomorrow. Please note at times the internet is very slow so bear with us !
Remember school meals are available at the moment.
Obviously, if your child shows any sign of high temperature or a new persistant cough they will not be allowed into school.
Thank you to all our parents for recognising the seriousness of the situation and giving school such great support. Thank you as well for trying so hard to make alternative arrangements for childcare where possible and for keeping us informed as your needs change.
Mrs Pritchard.