Thank You Mrs Sheard

We had a special service this morning to say farewell, thank you and good luck to Mrs Ruth Sheard who leaves St Peter’s today. After 11 years loyal service she is moving to Yorkshire. We will miss her and wish her all the very best.

Year 6: Caffi Criw Cymraeg

Miss Jones and the Criw Cymraeg are planning to run a ‘caffi’ on Thursdays, after school. She would be grateful for help with cakes and biscuits! Please could any budding bakers from Year 6 help her out? Diolch! Please see the attachment for details. Caffi-Criw-Cymraeg-cake-donations.pdf


Apologies! Some information was sent to the school app by mistake last night. It was deleted very promptly. If you saw this message please ignore it and delete anything related to it from your phone. Thanks. Mrs Pritchard.

Reception’s furry visitors

The children in Reception class were fantastic hosts to our furry visitors today. Oreo & Sage enjoyed all the attention and all the gentle strokes they received. I’m sure they’ll be back to visit again. Who knows they may put a good word in with their friend the Easter Bunny!!!