Christmas fayre Raffle

Thank you to those family members who bought raffle tickets before the Christmas Concerts last week and this week, as well as those who bought them at the Christmas Fayre. These additional sales have boosted the grand total raised at the Christmas fayre to £1948.99! Wonderful! Prize winners are listed on the attached document. We are most grateful to those who donated prizes for this … Read more…

Nant BH Trip

The photographs from the Nant BH trip have been put onto the school website. ( From the home page, follow the link to photo gallery and there are 2 albums of Nant photos.

Parking around the school

Parents please could you remember to show some respect for local residents when parking your cars at drop off and collection time. We have received complaints from residents of Trevalyn Hall View that the grass in front of their homes has been churned up by parents parking there. Thanks.

Year 2 Advent Calendar

In Year 2, we have been very busy this morning opening all the doors we have missed on our Advent Calendar. Door 9 was created by Harlow and shows a shepherd. Door 10 was created by Sam and shows the sheep on the hilltops. Door 11 was created by Macie and shows another shepherd. Door … Read more…