Parent Pay

The council have now sent emails to parents with details of this new system. There are a very small number of paper letters to be distributed, where the email did not send successfully. These will be sent home tonight.

Please activate your account straight away.

These videos from Parent Pay may help.

This link shows how to place an order as a payer and how to activate their account

Please note any balances from the outgoing payment system will be transferred to Parent Pay but may not be visible to you until Monday.

Parents must book their child’s meals in advance- this will ensure children get their first choice. 

Please note that children eligible for free school meals order their choices on Parent Pay too. 
Once we have all become familiar with the new system, we can extend it to offer payment options for other aspects of school life, for example school trips, after school club etc. However, for now, we are only using this system for school meals. We will inform you in plenty of time when we are expanding its use.