September news

Dear Parents,

We have now received the guidance from the Welsh Government regarding their plans for all children to return to school full time in September.

There is a lot of information to work through and we will update and amend our plans and risk assessments accordingly. The local authority may want to put in some locally agreed plans but they too only received this Welsh Government information yesterday so we do not have these yet.

There is however, some information that we thought would be useful for parents to have straight away.

  • We will resume the wearing of school uniform.

  • School dinners will be available again. (awaiting news re. free breakfast club)

  • We will still be minimising the possessions carried back and forth between home and school – only small lunch boxes and water bottles in small bags please.

  • Children will not need to bring pencil cases etc- we will provide the stationery needed.

We will send out more information regarding dates, times etc as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience as we align the new guidance to our school routines.

Kind regards,

Mrs Pritchard.