Snowy weather

Thanks to our new caretaker Mr Phil Jones, Mrs Fowles, Mr Roberts and Mrs Roberts for working so hard yesterday and today to clear the school site and make it safe. Please keep to the cleared paths tomorrow morning and afternoon . Some areas of the playground are extremely slippery, with sheet ice hidden beneath the snow and frost. These have been taped off or obstacles,  such as picnic benches placed over them.

The entrance from Cromar Crescent should not be used  tomorrow because the council path has not been cleared and the area immediately adjacent to the gate is very icy. Children entering school from Trevalyn Hall View should access school through playscheme doors. If using Chapel Lane,  enter school through playscheme doors or the main entrance, depending on which path you are on.

Do not go on the main play ground.

Free breakfast club children will need to enter school by either their usual way or the main entrance. We will assess this in the morning.

Chapel Lane has been well gritted today by the council but the school car park is still snowy so staff will need to be vigilant here.

Please follow this information carefully and ensure your children are in the right place to access school safely.