Street Dance Superstars for FREE

We have received some information from the UDOIT Dance Foundation.  They are a charity who believe in giving children the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from Street Dance as a way of becoming active and building confidence and self esteem.

Please see the information below about a product which you can download for free to get active.  Follow the link at the bottom to take you to the UDOIT street dance page, from there you can sign up to download the package.

Access our Stre Dance Superstars Programme (RRP £299) for free TODAY


UDOIT Dance Foundation 




Due to the Impact of the Corona Virus on all our lives , UDOIT!, UDO, Sport Wales & Sport England have come together to let everyone in the UK access our online Streetdance Learning tool for Primary School aged Children for FREE! 

Looking for homeschooling inspiration?
Looking for some new ways to inspire your children to be creative & active? 
Street Dance Superstars is here to help!


What is Street Dance Superstars? Take a look! 

Street Dance Superstars is a digital programme, teaching children foundation street dance steps and movements in an interactive and engaging way.
This programme is suitable for all primary school ages.
No prior dance experience is needed to use the programme; the videos do all the teaching for you!
Whether children have never danced a day in their life, or they’re keen performers, the videos suit all abilities.
Interactive learning – children can learn straight from the video for a full health & wellbeing lesson, a 5-minute movement break, or used as a full 30 minute lesson to get their daily exercise. 
Cross-curricular themes – Children can get active while consolidating their technical vocabulary across the expressive arts, science and technology, and of course health & wellbeing. Improves children’s motivation and confidence, encouraging them to become physically active, healthy individuals!
Digital competency – children can learn from the videos on iPads or computers.

Street dance is a great activity to engage those who are inactive and disengage from a traditional sporting offer.
Street dance is great for releasing endorphins, increasing confidence and self-esteem as it is an activity that everyone can try and achieve success in a fun way with music they enjoy.  

(SDS- RRP £299.)

It is vital that children & young people are keeping active and learning through lockdown, for their physical & mental well-being. We believe this programme will be a powerful tool for parents when homeschooling and looking to engage their children in creative and physical activities!

We also have released lots of online street dance lessons at the following levels: Introduction, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Street Fitness videos. These are all accesible on our Website, YouTube Channel & Facebook page. These lessons are great for young people and adults to enjoy.