Teachers for Sept

Dear Parents,
Miss Rebecca Jones was engaged to cover the maternity leave of Mrs Kathryn Perrin, teaching our year 1 class in September.

However, last week, Miss Jones secured a permanent contract of employment in another school and so we have had to re-arrange our plans.

Fortunately, Mrs Melanie Burgess, who has been covering for Mrs Perrin already, has agreed to stay in school and cover the remainder of the maternity leave. She is already familiar with the children from being on playground duty etc and obviously knows the routine of the year 1 class, from her experience this year. We are lucky to have such an experienced teacher step in to the role and we know the children will flourish in their time with her.

She will introduce herself to you all via Class Dojo in the next few days.

Best wishes for the summer,
Mrs Pritchard.