Thank You

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for your co-operation and patience this week in adapting to the new routines of school!
The children in school have displayed exemplary behaviour and really tried hard to remember to follow social distancing guidelines.
We have reviewed our risk assessments at the end of week 1 and we feel that the recommendations and actions to mitigate the risk of corona virus, which we have put in place, are appropriate and effective. We would like to remind parents of younger child to please make sure children can open the packets and containers in their lunch boxes independently. Staff should not be handling children’s food, at this current time. Also could parents make sure children can put their lunch box in their bag for themselves (do they need both a bag and a lunchbox??) please.
The weather forecast is brighter for next week, but please remember to send a waterproof jacket with your child, on the days they are in school. If the weather warms up, please put suncream on your child before school.
Many thanks for your support with these things.
Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing many of you again next week.
Mrs Pritchard.