Thank You from Teams4U

We have received this message from one of the organisers of the team4U Christmas Shoebox Appeal-

Thank you so much for taking part and being involved in our Shoebox Appeal last year! We were staggered to be able to send 51,315 Shoebox gifts to children overseas. Nationally, shoeboxes travelled to displaced people groups in Breza, Bosnia; orphanages in Minsk, Belarus and marginalised communities in Bralia, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Tulcea, Romania.

Your generous gifts went to villages and schools around the city of Oradea in the Bihor county of Romania.

Personally I travelled with these boxes and had the privilege of seeing the children receive them. I can’t put into words how humbling these moments are. I will never forget unexpectedly seeing my own daughter’s box (from Wrexham) being handed out to 8yr old Alexia and watching her open the lid, saying “wow” on every breath as she tenderly examined each soft toy and a hand-knitted hat. It particularly broke me to see her clutch a MacDonald’s Happy Meal toy close to her – something that’s often discarded in my house – as if it was treasure.

Thank you to everyone who supported this appeal!